10 thoughts on “Contact Ella

  1. Chandani Mitchell

    Hello! I am awestruck over little Mia. She’s everything I’m looking for in a silicone drink and wet newborn. How much is the precious girl? Thanks!


  2. thebronx62

    I am totally speechless. She is beautiful! I’m new to collecting, but I’ve researched a lot of reborns and Serenity is by far the most realistic baby I have seen. She’s truly perfection. I am so enamored by her, I keep watching your video over and over. Anyone that is lucky enough to own her, will keep her for a lifetime. She’s beautiful Ella. Take care,
    Teresa Terry


  3. Sharon Evans

    Hello, I would like to inquire if there are any serenity babies still available, and if so, could you please let me the cost? Thank You


  4. Karin Schweizer

    Hallo dir kleine Serenety ist ja wunderschön. Sehr gerne würde ich so einen Schatz adoptieren. Was kostet so ein goldiges Silikonbaby. Und ist bei Ihnen auch Ratenzahlung möglich?
    Ganz liebe Grüße Karin


  5. Good afternoon–I love your “Serenity” & wonder if you would consider putting me on your wait list with a down payment? I will be 77 yrs. old on June 23, 2019–this is my birthday wish!!!! I also love being NaNa to 9 children – they light up my eyes. Reborn baby dolls are a new passion but I have always had dolls. Your boutique clothes are something else also. Enjoy your time out & come home refreshed. Thank you for sharing your talented artistry, Jeanne B


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